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Episode 11 : Where Did She Go? x I Apologize for Troubling You Until Now

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Renai Boukun

Love Tyrant
Date de sortie :

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Description :

Guri has gone missing. Seiji seems unphased while Akane is thrilled but Yuzu is deeply concerned for her friend and begs Seiji to seriously look for Guri. Meanwhile, Shikimi is up to no good and Seiji catches her in the midst of trying to trick Kusunoki-sensei. Seiji drags Shikimi away to save the hapless teacher, but winds up having the tables turned on him when she traps him. A confrontation boils up and Guri finally falls from the sky, literally, to ask Seiji how he truly feels about her.

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336 x 280
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