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Episode 6 : Go to the Beach With Me? x It's Not a Matter of Knowing or Not

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Renai Boukun

Love Tyrant
Date de sortie :

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Description :

Summer vacation! Seiji, Guri, Akane and Yuzu have invited Akua to go with them to the beach. Akane tries to get Akua to go swimming with her in attempt to get closer to Seiji's little sister, but Akua gives her the cold shoulder. Pouting at her brother and his harem Akua goes to swim by herself but a dark shadow looms beneath her. Meanwhile, summer also means tests of courage! Guri suddenly invites Seiji, Akane, and Yuzu to the school after dark for a test of courage but her real motives are to pair another young couple who have asked for her help. Seiji thinks something isn't quite right about the pair though...