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Episode 9 : At Least Put a Shirt on!

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New Game!!

New Game!!
Date de sortie :

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Description :

Hajime and Yun go to see an Insect Five hero show at an amusement park. After the show, Hajime gets in line for a handshaking event with the cast members, when her friend from high school, Akki finds her. Akki asks Hajime what she’s doing in Tokyo, and Hajime tells her that she works as a designer. On top of that, she gets embarrassed for being in line for a handshake in front of Akki, so she gets out of line. Yun pokes fun at Hajime for the way she’s acting, and Hajime tells her that she actually kept her love for anime and tokusatsu a secret when she was in school.

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