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Episode 7 : Date Double Face

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Description :

With Yuzuki's wound finally healed she wonders if it is about time for her to leave Uesugi's castle. However, before she is able to speak with Kenshin, a mysterious warrior appears saying that he is a member of Toyotomi's army and has come to take her back to Hideyoshi. Going with the mysterious man, Yuzuki is surprised to find herself in the company of Masamune Date and his subordinates, Shigezane Date and Kojuro Katakura. As they escape into the night with Yuzuki the men are forced to stay in an abandoned temple to regroup when they are attacked by yakuma. Locked up inside a warehouse Yuzuki can't help but wonder what Masamune wants with her.

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