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Episode 5 : Make Friends You Can Call by Their Nicknames, Even When You're an Old Fart

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Date de sortie :

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Description :

The staff of Odd Jobs Gin is going about their usual daily bickering when a delivery scooter crashes into the Otose Snack House downstairs. Barely conscious, the postman begs the Odd Jobs Trio to deliver an important package in his place. Gintoki and the others reluctantly head to the address on the package, Embassy of Inui, the Dog Star system. But the package explodes, and the trio are mistaken as terrorists. The three attempt a hasty escape, but when Shinpachi is caught, he decides to take Gintoki and Kagura down with him, and the gatekeepers quickly corner the three. Just when everybody thinks they are done for, they are saved by Gintoki’s old acquaintance Kotaro Katsura, aka Zura. Secretly observing the whole incident, the government’s police force, the Shinsengumi, decides to make their move…