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Episode 9 : Fighting Should Be Done with Fists

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Date de sortie :

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Description :

From Hijikata to Okita, and Okita to the Shinsengumi, news quickly spreads of the commander losing in battle for a woman, stirring up commotion within the squad. To make matters worse, Kondo’s miserable loss is aired on TV, forcing Hijikata to figure out some way to gain back the Shinsengumi’s dignity. To do so, they must eliminate the silver-haired samurai who defeated Kondo. Hijikata joins the other members to search for Gintoki in town. Meanwhile, oblivious of single-handedly earning the Shinsengumi’s malice, Gintoki is yanked away to help with his client’s carpeting job. While the whining Gintoki helps out the client, the Shinsengumi closes in….