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Episode 23 : When You’re in a Fix, Keep on Laughing, Laughing…

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Date de sortie :

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Description :

Returning with the groceries, Kagura puts on a sudden arrogant attitude that is understandably justified - She won a trip to space at the local big-sale raffle! Without a moment of hesitation the Odd Jobs trio head off to the Space Port. Unfortunately Sadaharu cannot join as they are told no pets are allowed on board. Insisting on bringing Sadaharu with her, Kagura starts arguing with the staff while Sadaharu goes off to harass a man with shades sleeping at the departure lobby. Curiously, the man disappears into the crowd without noticing the giant animal biting at his head. Carrying the Odd Jobs trio, the space ship sets off, but a group calling themselves the “Moe Fighting Sprits” shows up to hijack the ship…