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Episode 52 : If You Want to See Someone, Make an Appo First

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Date de sortie :

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Description :

Kahei is questioning the captured Ofusa about the whereabouts of baby Kanshichiro. When Shinpachi and Kagura, who are being chased by Nizo, come rushing in. Despite the commotion Kahei continues with his interrogation. Kagura makes a smoke screen while Shinpachi tries to save Ofusa, but Nizo is blind and smoke screens don't work against him. The group ends up getting cornered. Meanwhile, Gintoki visits the Hashida residence with Kanshichiro, but he is unable to talk to the Kihei, the company president, because he doesn't have an appointment. While Nizo corners Shinpachi and the others, Gintoki and Kanshichiro manage to get past the receptionists and onto an elevator…