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Episode 42 : You Know What Happens if You Pee on a Worm

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Date de sortie :

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Description :

The alien continues to wreak havoc at the terminal when Gintoki appears on the scene with Sadaharu, only to be engulfed by the alien's tentacles. Meanwhile, Umibozu finds Kagura fallen and injured after her attempt to save Prince Hata and Jii. Enraged, Umibozu seizes the two when Kagura stops and tells how proud she was of using her powers to save someone. The alien attempts to capture Kagura with its tentacles. Just as the alien is about to swallow her, Gintoki and Sadaharu come charging out of the alien's mouth. Gintoki and Umibozu insult each other as they join forces to fight the alien. Meanwhile, in the sky, a Shogunate Battleship led by Matsudaira has appeared!