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Episode 66 : "Dango Over Flowers"

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Date de sortie :

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Description :

Gintoki is stuffing himself with dango at Konpeito, a quiet dango shop. The shop's customers have been lured away by the sweets shop Andromeda, which is across the street. The owner persists in promoting his shop with his enthusiasm for dango. Gintoki learns that Sweets, the owner of Andromeda, is trying to drive Konpeito out of business because he wants the land. Konpeito's owner won’t agree to Sweets’ proposition, so Sweets challenges him to a competition. Konpeito and Andromeda will invite people to eat dango, and the shop whose dango is most popular wins. The loser has to close up shop. Konpeito's owner is hesitant, but Gintoki has a plan. The match begins!