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Episode 76 : "In Those Situations, Keep Quiet and Cook Red Rice With Beans"

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Date de sortie :

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Description :

One night, Hijikata visits the Smile Snack House. He ignores the girls making a fuss over him and designates Otae to be his host. He has a request—he wants her to act like Kondo's wife and destroy his arranged marriage. The person that Kondo is set to marry is the third princess of planet Orangutan. She looks exactly like a gorilla. Continually dumped by Otae, Kondo is at his limit and might accept the marriage. If he does, the Shinsengumi would have to respectfully call a gorilla(-like woman) “sister.” Other Shinsengumi members appear and beg desperately, but their begging is in vain, and Otae beats them up. Then, a dashing samurai comes to see Otae. His name is Kyubei Yagyu, and he is Otae's childhood friend…