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Episode 69 : "Please Help by Separating Your Trash"

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Date de sortie :

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Description :

Gintoki tosses out his magazines on the day for combustible garbage pickup. Scared off by a terrifying commercial, Gintoki goes back to retrieve his magazines, but passes out after seeing a woman's severed head at the dumping ground. The next day, Gintoki wakes up in his room and is relieved when he thinks it was just a dream, only to find the severed head in Kagura's hands. Shinpachi informs the panicked Gintoki that it’s the head of an Etsuko, a popular mechanical maid. Gintoki and the others are unable to get a body for the bodiless Etsuko when they hear breaking news. Professor Hayashi, the Etsuko's creator, has been killed, and there is a warrant out for Fuyo, his prototype mechanical maid . Fuyo's characteristics match that of the head that Gintoki and the group have…