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Episode 156 : It Takes a Bit of Courage to Enter a Street Vendor's Stand

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Date de sortie :

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Description :

Yatai “Guchiri-Ya” (Whining Store) has three rules: One, a customer can come in alone and whine as much as they want. Two, if there’s a familiar face, pretend like you don’t know them. And three, do not share the stories you hear. Tonight’s customers are a drowsy-looking samurai with a sweet tooth, a Mayo samurai, and finally Mr. Gorilla (pseudonym). Though permitted to whine, the three customers cannot help feeling awkward about it. So the master speaks on their behalf and spills their usual complaints, causing panic amongst the group. Just then, a familiar-looking woman enters the Yatai and begins attacking the other customers with sharp words (and weapons)!