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Episode 166 : Two Is Better Than One. Two People Are Better Than One.

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Date de sortie :

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Description :

Hijikata is on a stakeout near the apartment’s dumpster. There, a sleepy Gintoki comes to throw away his trash. Finding Gintoki’s persistent intrusion a burden, Hijikata arrests Gintoki for insulting and obstructing an officer on duty. But while pushing and shoving each other, Hijikata accidentally handcuffs himself to Gintoki. Hijikata calls Okita who is staking out a different location to come and unlock them and take Gintoki to the Shinsengumi Headquarters. Instead, Okita puts a second pair of handcuffs on Gintoki and Hijikata. In the midst of all this, the Radical Joi Faction makes a move.