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Episode 189 : Part A We Know It’s Best to Finish Yearly Tasks Before the End Of The Year, But Then You Put It Off Till Next Year For a Fresh Start. That’s How The End of the Year Goes. / Part B Radio Exercises are Socials for Boys and Girls

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Description :

An old man living in a broken-down home is interviewed by a man who says he is a journalist for the Ooedo newspaper. The interview is regarding the Antiforeigner War. More than twenty years ago, the Antiforeigner faction rose up against the sudden invasion of the Amanto. As the war continued, several young members came to distinguish themselves from the others: Kotaro Katsura, Shinsuke Takasugi, Tatsuma Sakamoto. And then there was another, who ran across the battlefield garbed in white and was feared as the white devil. / Every early morning in Kabukicho, Kagura leaves the house at top speed as soon as she hears the announcement for the radio exercise to start. Despite coming in at the very last minute to receive the attendance stamp, Kagura has perfect attendance this summer. She learns there is another boy who also has perfect attendance. The two gradually become friends, but the boy has his reasons for always coming.